Monday, June 13, 2011

Lancome Genifique

Recently ive been trying out a sample size of the Lancomes Genifique which i was very impressed with because of the 10 years of research that went in to perfecting this,There is alot a hype around this product as well but im not gonna lie its kinda expensive ranging from $58 to $98,while i was testing out this product i noticed that the texture was so soft kinda like a primer.and 4 days later my skin started to clear up like all the acne scars an dark spots i was very impressed with the speed that it worked on my skin an the texture its non greasy nor drying its the perfect consistency for all skin types.after testing this for about a week im going to saphora to get the full bottle it is so worth the price.Im so in love with this serum an i so recommend it if you have uneven skin an deep down wrinkles,as it tightens the skin and gives it a beautiful glow making look and feel like young skin.Im very shocked that this product works so well because it has so much hype around it but it was very true so go get you bottle.Also if this product is too much on the expensive my i recommend a product ive been using for years witch is the ''Roc completelift night cream'' this product will never leave my routine an it works GREAT! there is also a day cream if you like to get that instead but both creams work very well for all skin types its amazing on lifting very deep wrinkles on this skin an gives your skin a youthful glow it also lifts dark spots an age spots an dark circles so i greatly recommend this product so have a great day an enjoy your beautiful skin

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