Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cure your skin with banana scrub

 This mid summer i started to neglect my skin an it got very dry an discolored an i had a few pimples around my chin witch is not normal for me so i had to think of a way to fix it.i had a few bananas around my house so i started to mix it with Lemon juice,olive oil,sugar, vitamin E oil (optional) an after i washed the scrub off my skin was soo soft i couldn't believe it an my skin bounced back with in 3 day,it also work great for clearing up pimples an discoloration you have to try this it really works

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_PLA_df&LNM= im telling you this eye cram reduced the puffiness, wrinkles,an has active ingredients that reduces dirk circles.what Roc did with this eye cream was genius they obviously understand apart of reducing the look of wrinkles has a lot to do with the tone of the skin an how it bounces the light the Roc complete lift eye cream is the best in the market an that's no joke most to if all their products are perfected to the tea ive never used anything from Roc that didn't do the job i recommend their products all around an im not just saying that i truly believe in teir line to the fullest  

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