Sunday, September 4, 2011

I remember when i use to not use makeup

i was so emo lol i didn't even smile 

getting in to makeup lol

Looking back at my old pic i remember shaving an
getting my brows waxed all the time i was so obsessed
with them damn brows an they looked a damn mess.i cut the way too much in theses pics the only makeup i owned was a red lipstick an eyeliner an a old dry greatlash mascara witch is a great mascara btw i don't care what people say its awesome lol.Its one of those mascaras that get better with age.But around this time i took care of my skill very well i was so obsessed with my skin too now that i think about i kind of calm down an i believe u was very skinny at the time now i put some pounds on im happy about that i like a nice full come hug my body lol i had like no makeup skills too my blending was so bad oh i feel lik ei come so far..well kinda hahaha!

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